Harvest Moon with Rainbow by Geraint Smith



This one-day intensive, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., with a break for lunch, will immerse you in the practice of writing memoir from the heart rather than the head. We will intersperse discussion of the elements of memoir—authenticity, narrative, setting, and character—with writing exercises designed to hotwire your imagination and bypass the story you think you know. The freshest writing surprises the writer as well as the reader. My goal is to send you away with techniques for surprising yourself: for finding unexpected connections, buried memories, and a new understanding of the story of your life.

Newly retired from the corporate world, I haven’t felt this excited about something in a long time. Instead of worrying about what I will do next, I now fall asleep imagining story ideas and scenes to draw from. A few simple exercises combined with direction and support from Allegra and I am writing every day. A whole new world has opened up and it couldn’t be easier!” –Robin Reese, Taos, NM

The Taos Writers Conference, organized by SOMOS (Society of the Muse of the Southwest) brings writers from all over the U.S. to beautiful Taos, New Mexico, where I live, for three days of workshops and discussions, along with readings and other events.