The Reader’s Response of my Dreams

February 1, 2018

A few days ago, I got an email via my website, from a woman who had recently moved to Taos and picked up my book on a whim. She wrote:

“I felt such a kinship with your characters and their journey. Yes, the erotic explorations Eve experiences are compelling, but Eve’s personal arc in the novel was so startlingly similar to what is happening to me right now as a 50 year old woman having “run away”  that I feel a little unhinged by it in the best possible way.

I actually copied a particular passage into my journal from chapter 12 ,”Do I need someone to be of use to to justify my existence?Do I need someone to desire me, in order to feel alive?” Startling. Transformative. Thank You.

Revelations are actually pretty rare so I appreciate it so much when they come.”

This is why I write! – To speak from my heart out into the world, in the hope of connections exactly like this. Thank you, Tess McCloy, for opening your heart to Eve’s and mine.