When I was 14, I was assistant to Helena Kallianiotes, who started the entire roller disco craze of the late 1970s-1980s. I wrote a piece about my Skataway jacket in the great online magazine HiLoBrow: click here. That photo is me, a couple of weeks ago - how amazing that I can still (almost) fit into it!


A few days ago, I got an email via my website, from a woman who had recently moved to Taos and picked up my book on a whim. She wrote:

"I felt such a kinship with your characters and their journey. Yes, the erotic explorations Eve experiences are compelling, but Eve's personal arc in the novel was so startlingly similar to what is happening to me right now as a 50 year old woman having "run away"  that I feel a little unhinged by it in the best possible way.

I actually copied a particular passage into my journal from chapter 12 ,"Do I need someone to be of use to to justify my existence?Do I need someone to desire me, in order to feel alive?" Startling. Transformative. Thank You.

Revelations are actually pretty rare so I appreciate it so much when they come."

This is why I write! - To speak from my heart out into the world, in the hope of connections exactly like this. Thank you, Tess McCloy, for opening your heart to Eve's and mine.



After an amazing launch in New York at Powerhouse Books, I've been to Oblong Books in Rhinebeck, NY, Op Cit Books in Taos, and Bookworks in Albuquerque. Sieged copies are available there, and from February 1 at Tattered Cover, Denver. I hope to live-stream the Denver event on January 31, 7 pm MST, on Facebook.


Super exciting to finally have a finished copy of SAY MY NAME in my hand! I started working on it on October 30, 2013... so it's been a fairly long road. UK publication date is July 27. You can preorder the book, the e-book, or the audiobook recorded by me at I'm heading back to the UK to do the Port Eliot Festival of Ideas on July 30 and other publicity.

SAY MY NAME Launch Crew & Audiobook

My friends are joining forces to help me launch my first novel with a bang! If you'd like be part of the launch crew, let me know. 

And in other news, I'll be recording my own audiobook June 5-7 in London. I begged them to let me do it! It will be available from on August 3. Please pre-order!

Uk festivals this summer

I'm booking my flights to the UK! I'll be at the Hay-on-Wye Festival on June 3, participating in a panel on erotic literature hosted by Rowan Pelling, editor of The Amorist. It's a new magazine and I have a piece in the launch issue.

Then at the end of June I'll be in Cornwall, one of my favorite parts of England, for the Port Eliot festival. I'll be reading from SAY MY NAME and will probably be "in conversation" with someone - but not sure who yet....

Publication day in the UK is August 3.

My first novel!

SAY MY NAME, my first novel, will be published in August 2017 in the UK and January 2018 in the US. It's also been bought for Germany. More to come, I hope!

I've got four screenplay projects in development, fingers crossed that one or more goes before the cameras in 2017.