forgiveness through writing

A course available through the Daily Om website, "Forgiveness Through Writing" is a course in which I coach you into a creative mindset by using the Imaginative Storm technique, and then give you writing exercises designed to help you drop old resentments and nurture forgiveness and gratitude.

Tim W. writes: "Your course is insightful, well written, and ultimately very moving ... I love the writing exercise warm-ups. I find them creatively inspiring ... having given up the need to be right, I actually feel good about reaching back out to this person! Before, the thought of mending that fence left me feeling threatened or vulnerable. Now it makes me feel strong and happy. And the friendship I rekindled now fills in a nice gap that I didn't even realize I was missing in my life. A gap that would likely have remained forever closed without your course."

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Dime Stories, Orange County - reading from Love Child

Newport Beach Public Library Foundation - lecture about Love ChildOctober 13, 2009.  iTunes: Podcast Directory, "Newport Beach Public Library Foundation."

BBC Radio 4, "Broadcasting House" - January 23, 2011

RTE (Irish television) - In July 2009, as part of their new documentary on John Huston, RTE filmed me at St Clerans, where I lived as a child. Part I, Part II

WGN Radio, Chicago, "The Rick Kogan Show" - February 3, 2011, Gary Houston and I talk about Good Luck, Mr. Gorski

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"A New Page in an Old Friendship," by Matthew Parris - The Spectator, January 5, 2011




Reading from Love Child at Book Soup, Hollywood

Reading from Love Child at Book Soup, Hollywood