"An absolutely outstanding writer, incapable of writing a dull sentence"

- Lynn Barber, author of An Education

Advance praise for Say My Name:

"It is a ravishing love story, hot-blooded, poignant, often dark, filled with yearning, sharply funny, marvellously observed: and you follow Eve every step of the way. I wished it would go on and on and never stop. Joanna Lumley

Allegra Huston is a fluid, intelligent storyteller, a writer of beautiful, sexy prose. I love her frankly gleeful portrayal of a woman following her own desires and instincts, wherever they lead, to unexpected and unplanned adventures. Say My Name is the Fear of Flying for the 21st century.” Kate Christensen

Say My Name is a dazzling debut about a highly-charged and very sensual affair. Skilfully crafted, original and beautifully written, it is an engaging and erotic read. Loved it!Santa Montefiore

Absolutely terrific: powerful, beautifully paced, controlled and assured. An extremely perceptive look into the female psyche.Elizabeth Buchan

Intriguing, sexy and honest” — Joanna Briscoe

"A delicious novel: elegant, poignant, erotic." – Kate Beaufoy

Beguilingly sexy and seriously smart all at once!  How unusual, how delightful, how fun!” — Lara Santoro, author of Mercy and The Boy

In this sensual novel Allegra Huston lays bare the rules of love and attraction, portraying with great insight the vulnerability that comes with the urgency of infatuation, along with its dangers. Francesca Marciano, author of The Rules of the Wild and The Presence of Men

A whisper on the skin, a jolt in your core — Say My Name is both gentle and fearless: an intelligent, intimate, beautifully written love story that delves into the secret music of desire.” — Joan Juliet Buck, author of Daughter of the Swan and The Price of Illusion

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Photo by Jeff Rayner

Photo by Jeff Rayner