"An absolutely outstanding writer, incapable of writing a dull sentence" – Lynn Barber (author of An Education), Daily Telegraph

"You will not read anything so sublimely felt and exquisitely written in a good many years" – Melik Kaylan, Forbes.com

"So bravely written, so clear and intensely vivid, so unsentimentally honest, so deeply humane" – Simon Schama, author of Citizens and Landscape and Memory

Photo by Jeff Rayner

Photo by Jeff Rayner

I believe that stories - both fiction and nonfiction - are vectors of deep human connection. When we read or watch movies, we recognize ourselves in the characters, and those characters in ourselves - as well as sharing the thoughts, and feeling the emotions, of people very different from ourselves.

I am drawn to stories of love, of discovery, and of commitment to a cause. I hope that the stories I tell will leave people with a sense of possibility and excitement about the beauties of life, even in dark times.