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A short film about the benefits of moon travel for those on earth.


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Password: moonwalk



Houston Worldfest: Grand Remy, Best Short Subject
Albuquerque Film Festival: Best New Mexico Short
Snake Alley Festival of Film, Burlington, IA: Best Comedy
Sandpoint (Idaho) Film Festival: Best Short; People's Choice Award
Chicago Comedy Film Festival: People's Choice Award
Taos Shortz Film Fest: People's Choice Award
Sedona Film Festival: Runner-up, Best Short; Runner-up, Audience Award


Mill Valley Film Festival
Hamptons Film Festival
LA Shorts
New York Shorts
Rhode Island International Film Festival
Newport Beach Film Festival
Williamstown Film Festival
Post Alley Film Festival, Seattle
Grand Canyon University Digital Film Festival, Phoenix
Durango Independent Film Festival
Phoenix Film Festival
Athens (Ohio) Festival of Film
Capital City Film Festival (Lansing, MI)
Prescott Film Festival
New York Short Film Concert (Asbury Shorts)
Galway Film Fleadh, Ireland
Clifden Arts Festival, Ireland
Offline: the Offaly Film Festival, Ireland
Torino International Film Festival, Italy
Cartagena International Festival of Film, Colombia


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To see a photo gallery from the shoot, click here.

Listen to WGN Radio, Chicago, interview with Allegra Huston and Gary Houston (Mr. Gorski), click here.

Read an excellent review from Mill Valley: The Evening Class blog.

THE STORY     (Read full script)

Good Luck, Mr. GorskiWhen Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, he said, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” He also said a lot of other things. He was up there for a few hours.

One of the things he said was, “Good luck, Mr Gorski.”

Who was Mr Gorski? The CIA went ballistic: it sounds like a Russian name, what if the first man on the moon was a Commie spy? But Neil Armstrong refused to tell, until 25 years later ...

Mr Gorski was his next-door neighbor when he was a boy. One night, he sneaked into the Gorskis’ back yard to get his baseball. Through the open bedroom window he heard Mrs Gorski, very upset, saying to her husband, “You want oral sex? You’ll get oral sex the day the kid next door walks on the moon!”

It’s not true. But even so, don't you want to know what happened in the Gorskis' house the day the kid next door walked on the moon?

Read the script, it's only ten pages. It's turned into a very sweet love story.



Fran Martone - Mrs. Gorski

Gary Houston - Mr. Gorski

Sebastian Rose -

Rebekah Wiggins -
Mrs. Armstrong

Logan Luiz -

Drago Sumonja -
CIA Agent

Morse Bicknell -
CIA Agent

William Sterchi -
CIA Boss

Bruce McIntosh -



Allegra Huston - writer/producer
Allegra’s book Love Child: A Memoir of Family Lost and Found, published by Simon & Schuster (US) and Bloomsbury (UK) in 2009, made the bestseller lists of the San Francisco Chronicle and the Denver Post. She is co-director of Imaginative Storm writing workshops and teaches screenwriting for the Arvon Foundation in the UK and the National University of Ireland, Galway. She has written six feature scripts, sold a treatment of Kipling’s Just So Stories to Elton John’s Rocket Pictures for Disney, and was for two years Acquisition and Development Consultant at Pathé Pictures in London.

Arron Shiver - director
A highly regarded actor, Arron has worked with directors including Ron Howard, Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu, Niki Caro, Paul Haggis, Jim Sheridan, and Tommy Lee Jones. He is currently appearing in George Clooney’s Men Who Stare at Goats and the Hughes Brothers’ The Book of Eli.

David Jean Schweitzer - director of photography, producer
David is a vastly experienced DP, who has shot documentaries about the Dalai Lama’s first visit to the US and the first Space Shuttle launch. An award-winning director of over 300 commercials, he was a pioneer of music videos and won awards for videos for artists including Gloria Estefan, Tom T. Hall and George Jones. Proficient in special effects and computer animation (consultant on Woody Allen’s Zelig and Purple Rose of Cairo), he is also an expert on digital cinema cameras, teaching courses in RED at the College of Santa Fe.

Stephen Boucher - editor
Steve edited the short Can You Hear Me? (dir. Deva Palmier, 2007), the British television documentary Are Your Kids on Drugs? and the forthcoming The British Guide to Showing Off, a documentary about Andrew Logan, founder of the Alternative Miss World pageant. His feature credits as Assistant Editor/Associate Editor include The Hours, 1408, Flawless, Tristan + Isolde, and the recently completed Shanghai.

Erin Eagleton - production designer
An acclaimed painter, Erin has extensive experience as a production designer, art director, and prop master. His work includes the feature films Waitress, String Theory, The Santa Trap and Off the Map, television shows Trading Spouses, The Phone, The Naked Trucker and T Bones Show, and Fear Factor, and commercials for Honda, Audi, and Microsoft.

Johnny Long - production designer
Johnny was production designer on the short Breached, which won awards at Telluride and Tribeca. His credits as set dresser and key greensman include Love N’ Dancing, The Longest Yard, Seraphim Falls, Bordertown, Into the West, and The Missing.

Tatyana de Pavloff - costume designer
Tatyana was born in Moscow, where she studied costuming at the Moscow College of Theater Arts. Her costume design credits include a pilot for a children TV program, Fickle Forest Fairytale, and many music videos. She did production design as well as costumes on the short film Agnes Day.

Anthony Riazzi - visual effects supervisor
Anthony has worked for over ten years in visual effects on small and big budget projects. His more widely recognized films include The Good Shepherd, The Matrix: Revolutions, X-Men: The Last Stand, and The Producers. Most recently he served as the senior visual effects supervisor for the action film Tekken. He currently resides in New Mexico and manages the visual effects company Santa Fe Digital.

Marie A. K. McMaster - casting director
Marie has worked in the New Mexico casting industry for over a decade. She has casting associate credits on projects as large as No Country for Old Men, Fright Night and The Men Who Stare at Goats, as well as smaller gems including Off The Map, Love Ranch and String Theory.

Jonathan Slator - location consultant
Jonathan is an experienced location manager and line producer whose New Mexico production credits include Crash, Appaloosa, and Transformers. For many years Film Commissioner for Taos County, he is also the founder and director of the Taos Mountain Film Festival, now in its ninth year.

Trevor Howe - unit production manager
Trevor has worked as a producer on four short films, including The Audition (Best Comedy, Santa Fe Three-Minute Film Festival) and You Pay for What You Pay For (Best Screenplay, Albuquerque 48-Hour Film Festival). As a grip, Trevor's credits include North Country, Crazy Heart, and No Country for Old Men. He worked on the rigging crew for almost every large concert tour between 1999 and 2003.

Greg Eichman - gaffer
In 1988, Greg founded Serious Grippage & Light Co., New Mexico's top source of motion picture lighting and grip rental. Soon afterward, he became a Chief Lighting Technician and has worked on many documentary, commercial, industrial, and feature film projects. Credits include Louis and Clark and George (1995), DreamlandLegion (2008).

Roger Landes - additional music
Roger contributed to the soundtrack of Ang Lee’s Ride with the Devil, and his music was featured in the PBS documentary Last Stand of the Tallgrass Prairie. He has appeared on the NPR shows Mountain Stage and A Prairie Home Companion.

Kate O'Toole - executive producer
Kate won Best Actress at the Barclays/Arts Council UK theatre awards, for Three Tall Women at the Lyric theatre, Belfast, and was nominated Best Actress at the Irish Times theatre awards, for Dead Funny with Rough Magic theatre company, Dublin. On film, she has worked with directors including Jim Sheridan, John Huston, Neil La Bute, Thaddeus O'Sullivan, Anthony Minghella, Tony Richardson, and Pat O'Connor. She is a panelist on RTE's cultural critics program The View and won four stars when she appeared as guest chef in RTE's The Restaurant. She is Board Chairwoman of the Galway Film Fleadh.



This film was made possible by the generous contributions of nearly 1,000 people. We call them the Launch Crew.

PLEASE NOTE:Short films don't make money. Contributions are not an investment and are not tax-deductible. Launch crew members are in the credits of the film, and will get a free download of the movie.



Mission Control, Taos:
Janet Gauthier
Elizabeth Burns
Mary Domito
Lisa Wright
Dora McQuaid
Carol Morgan-Eagle

Launch crew:
Donna Longo, Taos
John Farr, Taos
Cisco Guevara, Taos
Ross Burns, Taos
Kate O'Toole, Clifden, Ireland
Tara Lupo, Taos
Jill Robertson, London
Elaine Wilgus, Webster's Bookstore Cafe, State College, PA
Robin Reese, Taos
Rebecca Read, Houston
Art of the Song: Viv Nesbitt and John Dillon, Albuquerque
Dervil O'Reilly, Galway
Melissa Haye-Cserhat, Taos
Stephen McKenna, Pine Grove Mills, PA
Charles Wilson, State College, PA
Lloyd Short, State College, PA
Amy Witkop, Portland, OR
Catherine Long, Taos
Rachel Cohen, Taos
Tony Huston,Taos
Francesca Marciano, Rome
Adrian Devane, Galway
Marion O'Dwyer, Dublin
Norman Krandall, Alexandria, MN
Dr. Sophie Faherty, Ballyconneely, Ireland
Will Collins, Cork, Ireland
Dan Guevara, Santa Fe
Annapurna Alisa Sydell, Taos
Suzanne da Silva, Taos
Julie E. Hartmans, St. Paul
Michael Fitzgerald, Taos
Roseann Matsos, Detroit/Taos/Brazil
Martine Soma Howard, Salt Lake City
Aimee Mullins, New York
Paul Pascarella, Taos
Rafael Guevara, Taos
John Julius Norwich, London
Lenny Foster, Taos
Andy Johnson, Taos
Jane Farmer, Taos
Slim Barrett, Athenry & London
Lara Santoro, Taos
Gaia Santoro Lecchini, Taos
Tish Valles, Manila & New York
Mary Kate O Flanagan, Dublin
Trey Speegle, New York
Melissa Howden, Taos
Richard Herriman, Boulder
Sheba Phombeah, London
Robin Hayley, London
Gina Papa, Taos
Sue Schofield, Norman, OK
Claire Libin, Taos
Nancy Walker Koppelman, Santa Barbara
Amy Wallen, San Diego
Jill Angelo, Chicago
Andrew Harvey, Chicago
Brooke Tatum, Taos
Pachin Guevara, Taos
Beth Black, Mount Shasta, CA
Louise Kiely, Dublin
Bernard O'Scanaill, Clifden, Ireland, & Maleny, Australia
Anjelica Huston, Venice, CA
Jaclyn Bashoff, Venice, CA
Jonathan Ryan, Dublin
Brad Hockmeyer, Taos
Danny Huston, Hollywood, CA
Michael Cano, New York
Maria Smith, Los Angeles
Beckie LaSalle, Medina, OH
Stefan Chmelik, London
Matthew Hammett Knott, London
Michele McCormick, Laguna Beach, CA
Sharon Jacobucci, Venice, CA
Sue William Silverman, Vermont College
Romy Colonius, Taos
Kate Thompson, Dublin
Casey deFranco, Sherman Oaks, CA
A. Roger Ekirch, Virginia Tech
Joan Juliet Buck, New York
Anais Rumfelt-Shiver, Taos
Kathleen Barich, Valencia, CA
Seamus Cassidy, Dublin
William O'Reilly, Galway
Diana LaSalle, Savannah, GA
Tracy Young, New York
James Nave, Asheville/New York/Taos
Steven McAuliffe, Oxford, England
Katherine Oxnard, Savannah
Walter Parks, Savannah
Michelle McGee, Savannah
Mary Lou Baker, Annapolis
Anonymous, Savannah
Douglas Blackmon, Atlanta - the 100th contributor!

Artemis Cooper, London
Paula Flaherty, Clifden
Martha Conneely, Clifden
Miriam Allen, Beal an Daingean, Connemara
Ailish Bracken, Dublin
Marilyn Brady, Savannah
Jason Cooper, London
Antony Beevor, London
Dorothy Cross, Renvyle, Ireland
James Finlan, Galway
Peter Rodulfo, Norwich, England
Judy Walgren, Denver
Johnny Ferguson, Sligo, Ireland
Tom Matthews, Dublin
John Durning, Clifden
Joe Boske, Clifden
Vara Lauder, London
Michelle Chandler, Taos
Robin Horton, Old Greenwich, CT
Louis Schneider, Tecumseh, MI
Claudia Domito, Reno
Barbara Leaming, New Milford, CT
Pat Allen, Taos
Sonali Wijeyaratne, London
Zengha Wellings Longmore, London
Brendan O'Regan, Ballindereen, Co. Galway, Ireland
Father Frederick Monnoyer, London
Allegra Sleep, Taos
Pat McKane, Strangford, Northern Ireland
Annette Patterson Stoner, Taos
Lynne Robinson, Taos
Lorcan O'Toole, London
Warner McGee, Savannah
Rob Nightingale, Wilder Nightingale Fine Art, Taos
Happy Price, Taos
Delafield Dubois, Taos
Celeste Huston, Santa Ynez, CA
John Patrick Shanley, New York
Suzanne Leupold, Cheney, WA
John Farrell, Manhattan Media Group, New York
Karen Neubauer, Savannah
Quack Moore, Hilo
Rick Moore, Hilo
Anne Delling, Taos
Kathy Fitzgerald, Taos
Pattie Traynor, Taos
Gail Walsh, Taos
Emily Benoist Ruffin, Taos
Candyce Garrett, Taos
Anonymous, Dublin
Leo & Eileen Halliday, Clifden
Ann Moore, Dublin
Deirdre & Cathal O'Neill, Dublin
Diana Rico, Taos
Christopher Reich, San Diego
Meg Harris, Boston
June Kinoshita, Waltham, MA
Jan Sharp, Los Angeles
Helena Kallianiotes, Puerto Vallarta
Dawn Moore, Topanga
Griffin, Joanna & Audie O'Neal, San Diego
Electra Taisia Rich, St Paul, MN
Rhonda Talbot, Los Angeles
Felim MacDermott, Galway
Annette Maye, Galway
Debbie McVey, Galway
Cathy O'Connor, Galway
Brian Raney, Aptos, CA
Georgianne Nienaber, Huffington Post
Heather Temple, London
Sandra King, Clare, Ireland
Dominic Arenas, Lake Forest Park, WA
Bill Whelan, Dublin
Deborah Aydon, Liverpool
Adrian Pagan (in memory)
George Morrison, Dublin
Salman Rushdie, New York & London
Frank Bettencourt, Seabrook, TX
Oscar Van Heek, Edinburgh
Manuela Papatakis, Meribel les Allues Rhone-Alpes, France
Louise Gibbons, Clifden
Lynda Poole, Taos
Ken Price, Arroyo Hondo, NM
Santa, Arroyo Hondo, NM
Charles Conneely, Clifden
Blake Bashoff, Los Angeles
Robert Jacobs, New York
Toto Home, Taos
Sleep Sanctuary, Taos
Jeff Jackson, Taos Land & Film Company, Taos
Rosie Johnston, somewhere south of London
Carol Kane, New York & L.A.
Mike Murphy, Austin, TX
Ger Ryan, Shillelagh, Wicklow, Ireland
David Jean Schweitzer, San Cristobal, NM
Chris Browning, Taos
Anna-Lisa Jenaer, Cardiff
Steve Burkard, Rosemont, NJ
Marcus Best, Arroyo Seco, NM - the 200th contributor!

Lou Faber, Rochester, NY
Michael & Rosaleen Keohane, Easky, Co. Sligo, Ireland
Dale Kennedy, Albuquerque
Mari Saville, Letterfrack, Connemara, Ireland
Jeanne Veillette Bowerman, East Chatham, NY
Julie Alley, Galway
Raffaele Santoro, Boston
Steve Kenis, London
Anna Cosentine, Taos Shortz Film Festival, Taos
Susan Forristal, New York
Gary Storch, Taos Mountain Electronics, Taos
Katerina Tana, Venice, CA
Marci Schneider Kipnis, Taos
Una and Brian McGirr, Singapore
Barry Crossno, Wallingford, PA
Cynthia Anderson, Taos
Michael McCann, Taos
Patrick Kane, Pittsburgh
Gina Medcalf, London
Karen McCurtain-Blair, Costilla, NM
Mandy Marahimin, Jakarta
Philip Nolan, Dublin
Susanna Moore, New York
Sue Ervin, Oklahoma City
Penelope Tree, London
Joni Dunn, Taos
Kelley Connors, Norwalk, CT
Susan Loomis, On Rue Tatin, Louviers, France
Laura Huston, London
Robyn Short, Goodmedia Communications, Dallas
Carolyn Choa, London
Quentin Curtis, Santa Monica, CA
Don & Jinx Wright, Taos
Janice Bouchier, Taos
Meghan de Garay, Elverson, PA
Liz Nugent, Dublin
Andrea Tana, Paris & Umbria
Lynda S. Byers, Seabrook, TX
Ursula Jones, Taos
Shelli Bergh, Beverly Hills
Dena Miller, Taos
Michelle McIntosh, Taos
Ronete Cohen, Noordwijk, Netherlands
Jonathon Bond, London
Rosa Varela, Oakland
Jennifer Jordan, Salt Lake City
Jack Nicholson, Beverly Hills
John Nichols, Taos
David Hardy, Taos
Loka cafe, Taos
Cassie Holm, Tenafly, NJ
Andrew Cox, Taos
Pyrrha Malouf, Santa Fe
Peter Eyre, London
Paul Devlin, New York
Steve Rose, Taos
Dori Vinella, Taos
Jessica Mora, Coacalco, Mexico
Samantha Pardo, Wellington, New Zealand
Carla Massari, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Hasret Sahin, Frankfurt
Sue Brito, Cabo Frio, Brazil
Madeline Jernas, Gostyn, Poland
Haley Sato, Flora Park, NY
Judith Hovetter, Taos
Babs Costello, Taos
Tosca Teran, Toronto
Dylan Kenin, Los Angeles
Neal Thielke, Taos
Dan Tana, Los Angeles, London, Belgrade
Sonja Perencevic, Los Angeles
Nada Palikovic, Los Angeles
Cherie Burns, Taos
Werner Roth, Los Angeles
Melissa Serfling, Red Cat Antiques, Taos
Scott Glackman, Taos
Gary Feuerman, Taos
Joseph Wrede, Taos
Chipper Thompson, Taos
Erin Doherty, Taos
Rick Haltermann, Taos
Stephanie Bailey, Taos
Daniel Pretends Eagle, Questa, NM
Los Rios River Runners, Taos
KTAO radio, Taos
Jenny Lancaster-Leshem, Taos
Tara Waters Lumpkin, Taos
Leah Slator, Taos
Lee Reed, Albuquerque
Nancy Stapp, Taos
Derek Hart, Taos
Lesley Kushner, Taos
Alan Macrae, Taos
Lori Faye Bock, Abiquiu
Phil & Alison Romero, Los Angeles & Taos
Sheila Seclearr, Taos
Jean-Vi Lenthe, Taos
Kate Czark, Taos
Michelle Gonzales, Arroyo Hondo, NM
Sonya Luz Costanza, Taos - the 300th contributor!

Toby Rafelson, Los Angeles
Jamie Schulze, Taos
Kevin Cannon, Taos
Yale & Barbara Jones, Taos
David Bebout, Taos
Jean Timken, Lafayette, CA
Nicolas Emiliani, Los Angeles
Jan Boorstein, Taos
Mary Ellen Collins, Santa Fe
Laine Ember, Taos
Nicole Scotto, Taos
Kathleen Botsford, Barrington, IL
Fenton Bailey, Los Angeles
Bonnie Cooper, Taos
Page Patterson, Taos
Diana Boyd, Arroyo Seco, NM
Karen Wise, Eagle Nest, NM
John and Fev Micklethwait, London
Bill & Jane Mingenbach, Taos
David Perez, Taos
Dr. Christine Ciceri, Taos
Victoria Amador, Edinburgh
Val Landi, Taos
Vidan Gonthier, Boulder
Katrina Lehman, Taos
Rod Stoneman, Galway
Jerry Sikora, Taos
Kyoko Hummel, Taos
Bruce Graff, Guadalupita, NM
Rosie Boycott, London
Matthew Huston, King's Lynn, UK
Guy Philipps, Llanstephan, Wales
Alice Sherwood, Llanstephan, Wales
Roland Philipps, London
Mike Halsall, Tunbridge Wells, UK
Julia Hobsbawm, London
Felicity Cowie, Bath, UK
Robert Mack, Exeter, UK
Donna Dent, Dublin
Joe Gallagher, Dublin
Jesse Dent Gallagher, Dublin
Joanna Galloway, The Turf Lounge, Clifden
Simon Pryce, The Turf Lounge, Clifden
Sienna Galloway, The Turf Lounge, Clifden
Ann Acheson, Dublin
Larry Mullen, Dublin
Mollie Norwich, London
Suzie Benton, Tres Piedras, NM
Robert Jones, London
Allon Reich, London
Miles & Fusca Cresswell-Turner, London
Mark Dodd, London
Matt Western, London
Nicholas Fergusson, London
Tom Sherry, London
Margaret Coats, London
Simon Allen, London
Ruth Gavin, London
Frode Sorensen, London
Delyth Thomas, London
Caroline Midgley, Style of Ascot, Ascot, UK
Matthew Coats, London
Jules Barrett, London
Stephen Hagan, London
David Thompson, London
Wendy Wason, London
Nella Beevor, London
Peter Cowdrey, London
James Innes-Smith, London
William South, London, Wales, Bulgaria
Peter O’Toole, London
Bloomsbury Publishing, London
Sophie Caruth, London
Sam Melluish, London
Annie Verdin, Paris
Oliver Jory, London
David Fitzherbert, London
John Shelton, London
Lotta Salford, London
Clive Norton, London
Robert Markwick, London
Wol Balston, London
Kasia Robinski, London
Joan Hecktermann, London
Nic Thomas, London
Emma Garvin, London
Catherine Fairweather, London
Francis Hamel, London
Andrew Cowley, London
Matthew Webber, London
Amelia Richards, Oxford
Graham Elton, Tunbridge Wells, UK
Vendeline von Bredow, London
Nell Butler, London
Alan Mackie, London
Amanda Haddon, Toronto
James Long, Totnes, UK
That's 400!

Jonathan Marder, New York
Catherine Petree, New York
Griffin Dunne, New York
John Buffalo Mailer, New York
Gideon Glick, New York
William Kozy, New York
David Dempsey, New York
Howard Schatz, Schatz Ornstein Gallery, New York
Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort and Spa, Ojo Caliente, NM
Wendi Gelfound, Ojo Caliente, NM
Robert Graham Studio, Venice, CA
Bud Cort, Los Angeles
Aneeta Clark, New York
Ann Dexter-Jones, New York
Simon Schama, London and New York
Gary Press, New Jersey
Lisa Press, New Jersey
Lindsey Cashman, New York
Carla & Tony Hendra, New York
Linda Chen, New York
Chuck Lawson, New York
Deborah Zee, New York
Hogan Gorman, New York
Gully Wells, New York
Maggie Hopp, New York
Elfriede Janitschek, New York
Lisa Radano, New York
Marie d’Origny, New York
Jule Campbell, New York
Palma & Pierre Bree, New York
Karen Linchenn Broz, New York
Bobbi Van, New York
Melody Weir, New York
Stephanie Lacara, New York
Kate Tellent, New York
C. Heikin, New York
Lee Carter, New York
Laila Nabulsi, Los Angeles
Marjorie Spiegel, New York
Dustin Leddy, Los Angeles
Marta Hallett, New York
Dean Verner Loehr, Lubbock, TX
John P. Fallon, New York
Veronica Hinman, New York
Kirat Young, New York
Caryn James, New York
Bill Hayward, New York
Melik Kaylan, New York
Wendy Snyder, New York
Elizabeth Moore, New York
Julie Saul, New York
Rise Cale, New York
Winsome Brown, New York
Nancy Moon, New York and Fairfield, CT
Anji Janitschek, New York
Lauren Ezersky, New York
Warren Shultz, New York
Lynn Nezin, New York
Joanne Tombrakos, New York
Brian Henry, New York
Stephen Pascal, New York
Phoebe Hoban, New York
Ruth Charm, New York
Eric Treiber, New York
Dirk Witterber, New York
Sarah Jenness, New York
Maggie Cino, New York
Malcolm Jones, New York
Joan Horton, New York
Kathy Walsh, New York
Mark Newhouse, New York
Liz Christensen, New York
Ariane Zurcher, New York
Richard Long, New York
Beth Pyatt, New York
Anonymous, New York
Ann Marlowe, New York
Marina Delneri, New York
Margaret H. Wagner, Connecticut
Marja Samsom, New York
Anne Carson, New York
Robert Currie, New York
Deborah Landau, New York
Christopher Napolitano, New York
Liz Zende, New York
Michelle Finocchi, New York
Bill Majeski, New York
Naz Grosvenor, New York
Roy Kean, New York
Yibin Li, New York
Jen Kushner, New York
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Paul Himmelein, New York
Lesley Carter, New York
Sara Sabbagh, New York
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Dakota Jackson, New York
That's 500!

Joseph Kanon, New York
Robin Straus, New York
Daniel Greenstein, New York
Anne O’Hagon, New York
Kenneth Jay Lane, New York
Crawford Malone, Santa Fe
Nadine Healy, Galway
Maria Lluque Lopez, Argentina
Shanti Mohling, Taos
Martin O'Malley, Ballyconneely, Ireland
Mary Lynch, Killora, co. Galway, Ireland
Rob Noyes-Smith, Albuquerque
David Pirie, Bath, England
Danny Neifert, Arroyo Hondo, NM
Sandy Lutrin, Phoenix
Ronald Guttman, New York
Susan Dilger, Arroyo Hondo, NM
John & Ros Hubbard, Belmullet, Co. Mayo, Ireland
Whit Stillman, New York
Jocelyn Galloway, Terrace, British Columbia, Canada
Laurie Cearr, Dublin
Miguel da Silva & Erica Renaud, Chimayo, NM
da Silva Architecture, Santa Fe
Annie Robertson, Hemel Hempstead, UK
Robert Faurie, Taos
Erin Greenberg, Arroyo Seco, NM
Michael Scudder, Taos
Robyn McCulloch, Taos
River Madison, Arroyo Seco, NM
Marcia Oliver, Taos
Wendy Williams, New York
Chris Korody, Taos
Ken Voegele, Taos
Sylvia Milanese, Denver
McKeyleh Halingten, Taos & Kauai
Jim & Mary Burns, Taos
Ben Teitelbaum, Taos
Barbara Davis, Arroyo Hondo, NM
Barney Vorhees, Taos
Jim, Erin & Lily Sanborn, Taos
Marco Perella, Austin
Jeaninne Kato, Sacramento
Feeny Lipscomb, Taos
Taylor Roberts, Arroyo Hondo
Lynnette Martinez, Taos
Brian Barnhart, Taos
Emilie Becker, Austin & Taos
Becky McKernan, Albuquerque
Maureen Polikoff, Albuquerque
Margie Polito, Albuquerque
Dragonfly Cafe & Bakery, Taos
Mondo Video / Kultur Cafe, Taos
Pizano's, Taos
Kurt's Deli, Taos
Desert Blends, Taos
Charles Collins Gallery, Taos
Michelle's, Taos
Taos Cyclery, Taos
Cid's Food Market, Taos
Adventure Ski Shop, Taos
Letherwerks, Taos
Taos Gems & Minerals, Taos
Taos DIY Picture Framing, Taos
Reneux Consignment Boutique, Taos
Twirl Toy Store, Taos
Moby Dickens, Taos
Wired?, Taos
FX-18, Taos
Vibrations, Taos
Libby's Salon, Taos
Northside Health & Fitness Center, Taos
Skin Sanctuary, Taos
Sacred Traditions, Wholistic Healing, Taos
Mary Green Massage, Taos
Michael Hearne's Big Barn Dance, Taos
The Horsefly, Taos
Dan Cassidy, Arroyo Seco, NM
Ron Moore, Taos
Laurie Harter, Taos
Kevin & Linda O'Morrison, Edmonds, WA
Kellie Harris, DDS, Taos
Cara Konig-Brock, Drogheda, Ireland
Aura Garver, Taos
Barbara Brock, Taos
Karen Henke, Taos
Lorenzo Gallegos, Taos
Paige Anderson, Arroyo Hondo, NM
Chaz, Taos
Peter Kolshorn, Taos
Gene & Jules Sanchez, Taos
Juliet Simon, Taos
Marcia Southwick, Santa Fe
Taos Roasters, Taos
Simply SheliaTaos
Ken McQuade, Tucson & Taos
Tom Tynan, Houston & Taos
Carville Bourg, Taos
Tina Leonard, Taos
Simon Bell, Norfolk, UK
Sharmagne Leland St. John Sylbert, Los Angeles & Arlington, WA
That's 600!

Liam Denevan, Taos
Tom Gutierrez, Taos
Michele Potter, Taos
Kelly & Michael Barrett, Berkeley & Taos
Mary Hobratschk, Taos
Steve Kenin, Taos
Brad Hartfield, Taos
Taylor Streit, Taos
Cam Martin, Taos
David Buxton, Arroyo Hondo, NM
Jeanie Bernard, Taos
Kiersten Figurski, Taos
Hal Davis, Taos
Sarah Backus, Taos
Lisa Stern, Taos
Hannah Rappaport, Taos
Rebecca Lenzini, Taos
Paymaneh Ghaffari, Taos
Olga Torres-Reid, Taos
Patrick Ledwith, Telluride
John Del Margo, Taos
Claudia Kleefeld, Taos
Iliohan Nel, Taos
Julie Jennerjahn, Taos
Susann Gordon, Denver & Taos
Wanda Quintana, Taos
Lynette Guevara, Santa Fe
Ursula Berkowitz, Taos
Chris O'Bryan, Taos
Tim Martin, Taos
Victoria Sperry, Taos
Celia Lowenstein, London, New York & Santa Fe
Graham Cawdrey, Tres Piedras, NM
Mary Ellen Ferguson, Taos
Bonnie Mitchell, Taos
Jean Richards, Taos
Emett & Paule Marx, Taos
Mary LaCroix, Taos
Gregg & Penny Hawks, Taos
Josie Lenwell, Taos
Chris Maher, Taos
Dick Duncan, Taos
Leslie Martin, Taos
Anita Ellison, Taos
Frank Bottema, Carson, NM
Tom Kemper, Taos
Karen Thibodeau, Taos
Rochelle Rex, Taos
Bill Locke, Taos
Bill Cloke, Los Angeles
Rick Romancito, Taos
Dory Hulburt, Taos
Mark Domiteaux, Dallas
John Wrinkle, Birmingham, AL
Tizz Tisdale, Lama, NM
Thomas Edwin Woodhouse, Arroyo Hondo, NM
Bobbi Haque, Taos
Rich Montoya, Taos
Clair Richards, Melbourne, Australia
David Loveless, Taos
Alix Smith, Taos
Bonnie Lee Black, Taos
Alexis Lloyd, New York
Alexis Lloyd, London
Allie Ford, Clayton, Victoria, Australia
Marcio Gualtieri, Sao Paolo, Brazil
Pamela Brown, Little Rock, AR
Jeffrey A. Hudson, Sierra Madre, CA
Martijn Janssen, Rotterdam
Sandy & Chip Cunningham, Santa Fe
Becky Holsinger, Taos
Michael Miro, Taos
Ann Landi, New York
Tomas Conway, Sligo, Ireland
Dermot O'Donnell, Donegal, Ireland
Gordon McCaughley, Dublin
Niall McDonald, Monaghan, Ireland
Ben Conway, Sligo, Ireland
Mike Ahern, Cork, Ireland
Ronan Cannon, Sligo, Ireland
Jeannette Gregor, The Badger of the Subconscious
Mairead & Tim Robinson, Roundstone, Connemara, Ireland
Evelyn Purcell, Los Angeles
Lynn Hill, Roundstone, Connemara, Ireland
Lorna Hill, Roundstone, Connemara, Ireland
Mark Joyce, Recess, Connemara, Ireland
Christy Burke, St. Clerans, Craughwell, Ireland
Little John Nee, Galway
Orla McGovern, Galway
That's 700!

Brendan Keane, Galway
Troy Gottfredson, Galway
John Rogers, Galway
Michael Duke, Galway
Garrett Phillips, Galway
Gary Hetzler, Galway
Justin McCarthy, Galway
Bernie O’Mahony, Galway
Ruth Dillon, Galway
George & Maggie Paul, Dublin
Radisson Hotel, Galway
Burlington Hotel, Dublin
Abbeyglen Castle Hotel, Clifden
Foyle's Hotel, Clifden
Quay House, Clifden
Galway Film Fleadh, Galway
Michael Gibbons, Connemara Walking Centre, Clifden
Mary Gibbons, Dublin
Connemara Championship Golf Club, Ballyconneely
Passenger, Clifden
Whistlestop, Clifden
Wellbeing Centre, Clonboo, Galway
Charlie Byrne's Bookshop, Galway
Whitethorn Art Gallery, Clifden
The Malt House, Galway
Kirwan's Lane, Galway
Ard Bia, Galway
Cobwebs, jewellery, Galway
Twice as Nice, Galway
Town Hall Theatre, Galway
Judy Greene's, Galway
Lavelle Art Gallery, Clifden
An Bhean Feasa, Clifden
The House Hotel, Galway
The Derryclare, Clifden
E. J. King's, Clifden
Guy's Bar, Clifden
Milano's, Galway
Hehir's, Clifden
Love Vintage, Clifden
Prendegast Antiques, Clifden
O'Dalaigh Jewellers, Clifden
Faoin Tuath, The Outdoor Shop, Clifden
The Connemara Florist, Clifden
The Connemara Hamper, Clifden
Hair Gallery, Clifden
Stanley's, Clifden
O'Maille's, Galway
Video Vault, Clifden
Steam Coffee House, Clifden
Seamus Mannion, Butcher, Clifden
Hedz, Clifden
Seamus Kelly, Butcher, Clifden
Ferguson's Fine Wines, Clifden
Sheridan's Wine & Cheeses, Galway
Cloon Keen Atelier, Galway
The Crane Bar, Galway
Mick Crean, Galway
Dr. Jim Browne, Galway
Kevin Barry, Galway
John Cox, Galway
Seamus MacMathuna, Galway
Lionel Pilkington, Galway
Nuala Moiselle, Dublin
James Fair, Staffordshire University
James Harrold, Galway
Jeananne Crowley, Cleggan, Connemara, Ireland
Dara McGee, Ireland
Bill Hughes, Dublin
Eamonn McNally, Loughrea, co. Galway
Pat McKane, Dublin
Ned Kelly, Carna, co. Galway
Karen Creagh Fitzgerald, Ballinderreen, co. Galway
Catherine Price, Clifden
Camille Donegan, Ireland
Tony Sheridan, Ireland
Niceol Blue, Galway
Caroline Connaughton, Galway
Jacqui Broderick, Dublin
Dolores Lyne, Galway
John Kelly, Dublin
Gary McMahon, Ireland
Anna O'Coinne, Ireland
Joe and Agnes Hawksley, Ireland
Arlene Lencioni, Berwyn, IL
Cheryl Hamada, Chicago
Malinda Rae Porter, Mishawaka, IN
Marga Matakovich, Santa Fe
Rick Kogan, Chicago
Hedda Lubin, Chicago
Gary Houston, Chicago
Enda Walsh, London
Alan Goldberg, Evanston, IL
John Blades, Evanston, IL
Maureen Gallagher, Homewood, IL
Hillary Martone, Chicago
Cheryl Susman, Northbrook, IL
That's 800!

Fran Martone, Santa Fe
Sally Patton, Wooster, OH
Thomas Martone, Santa Fe
Paul Draper, San Francisco
Gwendolyn Whiteside, Chicago
Cookie Gluck, Evanston, IL
Rhita Lippitz, Evanston, IL
Lori Lippitz Chinitz, Evanston, IL
Thomas Houston, Playa del Rey, CA
Joan Mazzonelli, Chicago
Denise Jacobs, Palos Verdes Estates, CA
Harold Cherashore, Los Angeles
Todd Hissong, Chicago
Timothy & Sandra Weckesser, Philadelphia
Mark Gould, Taos
Hannah Jennings, Oak Park, IL
Dustin Houston, Carbondale, IL
Greg da Silva, London
Catherine McNeilly, Forest Park, IL
Roberto Silvi, Los Angeles
Mary Alice Costello, Lake Forest, IL
Eumie Imm Stroukoff, Santa Fe
Ruth Higgins, Amsterdam
Kevern Cameron, Hamburg, NJ
Matthew Parris, London & Derbyshire
Julian Glover, London & Derbyshire
Joan and Richard Kohn, Chicago
Celeste Januszewski, Chicago
Dwain Perry, North Hollywood
Zeljko Djukic, Niles, IL
Greeta Hootman, Chicago
Alan Felgenhauer, Chicago
Michael Jennings, St. Petersburg, FL
Larry Brandenburg, Van Nuys, CA
Paul Wangerin, Chicago
Warren Sterling, Torrance, CA
Milos Stehlik, Chicago
Thomas Clark, Clinton, OH
Steve Kessler, CD City, Highland Park, IL
Kenneth & Violet Houston, Washington Township, NJ
Henry Shukman, Santa Fe
Jim Rutt, Santa Fe
Julie Davis, Norman, OK
Brenda Arksey, Chicago
Kristine Thatcher, Grand Ledge, MI
Mary Kathryn Bessinger, New York
Matt Diehl, New York
Nancy Kay Sellers, Highland Park, IL
Dianne Ferguson, Escondido, CA
Jeremy Mattson, Bath, MI
Karen Wacker, Miami
Floyd & Judy Lawrence, Erie, PA
Jim Ball, Taos
Vishu Magee, Taos
William & Carolyn Bennett, Albuquerque
Nancy Nickel, Evanston, IL
Jan & Zdenka Novák, Prague
Camille Stagg, Chicago
Mandy Stapleford, Taos
David Behrstock, Taos
Suzanne Smrt, Brookfield, IL
Michael & Kay Friedberg, Chicago
Vicki Albrecht, Aurora, IL
Jane Allen Powell, Chicago
Terry Green, Glencoe, IL
John Dunleavy, Chicago
Will Clinger, Chicago
James Szmurlo, Chicago
Bryan Mukandi, Zimbabwe, Ireland, Australia
Kathryn Benjamin, London
Robert Boehm, Des Plaines, IL
McKinley Carter, Chicago
Wendy Huber, Monroe, WI
Virginia Berta Bogert, Seattle
Michael Shaw, Taos
Susan Martin, Abiquiu, NM
Mason Jennings, Nashville
Hugo Vickers, London
Stephen Spencer, Chicago
Kathryn Katje, Lansing, MI
Judy Blue, Chicago
Lester Appell, Wilmette, IL
John Green, Chicago
Syed Haider, Evanston, IL
Mary Glenda Beeler, Miami
Kim Thrasher, Owens Cross Roads, AL
Barbara Markus, West Palm Beach
Diane Dorsey, Chicago
Russ Badger, Gilbertsville, KY
Deloris McQueen, Fairfield, AL
Eliza Kruck, Portland, OR
Martha Mock, Philadelphia
Bill & Shirley Houston, St. Charles, MO
Fred Engelken, Hillsdale, NJ
Gunnar Urang, West Lebanon, NH
That's 900!

J. Pat Miller, Chicago
Annice Weissman, Wilmette, IL
Leon & Mary Lubin, Chicago
Clint Murphy, Taos
Brooks Gunsul, Redmond, OR
Andy & Lelia Salamone, CactusFire Productions, Santa Cruz, CA
Errol McLendon, Berwyn, IL
Deborah Meder, State College, PA
Paula Jones, Taos
LaFern Cusack, North Hollywood
Nadirah Bost, Chicago
Raymond McMillan Jr., Chicago
John Hickey, Cardiff, South Wales & Oak Park, IL
Rhys Williams, Chicago
Daniel Kuhlman, Chicago
Jeremy Railton, Los Angeles & Three Rivers, CA
Pamela Barish, Venice, CA
Laddie John Dill, Venice, CA
Alex Chapman, Summerville, SC
Zoe Christopher, San Francisco
Tomoe & Ira, Puako, HI
Mike Bryan, New York
Lucid Strategies, Inc., New York
Bernice & Leonard Wolf, Puako, HI
Tom Wiggins, Puako, HI
The Face Place, Taos
Glenda Gloss, Taos
Shaw Chiropractic, Taos
The Bavarian Lodge & Restaurant, Taos Ski Valley
Downtown Bistro & Stella's, Taos
Mountain Skills climbing guides, Taos
Elevation Coffee, Taos
Alhambra, Taos
Rachel Singer, Taos
The Historic Taos Inn, Taos
Taos Artisans Gallery, Taos
Allegra Sleep Jewelry, Taos
The Blonde Bear, Taos Ski Valley
Dwellings Revisited, Taos
Cooking Studio Taos, Taos
Brenda Archuleta, Taos
Jamie Schulze, Taos
Jack Huston, New York
Nicky Hart,
Ned Schmidtke, Valley Village, CA
George Crowe, Berkeley, CA
Andrea Mitchel, Chicago
Fredric Stone, Chicago
Larry & Holly Aaronson, Deerfield, IL
Susan & Kenneth Miller, Chicago
Michael Houlihan, Chicago
Julialynne Walker, Johannesburg
Victoria Chen Haider, Evanston, IL
Keith Fahey, Encino, CA
Ross Jasper, London
Henry H. Perritt, Jr, Glencoe, IL
Tara MacGowran, Taunton, UK
Thaddeus Knaus, Chicago
Cecil O'Neal, Southern Methodist University
Tandy Cronyn, New York
Jimmy & Joyce Sweeney, Ann Arbor, MI
Jack Wallace, Los Angeles
Philip Dawkins, Chicago
Mark Hinchman, Chicago
Mary Bonnett, Chicago
Richard Low, Alexandria, VA

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