Photo by Jeff Rayner

Photo by Jeff Rayner

"An absolutely outstanding writer, incapable of writing a dull sentence" – Lynn Barber (author of An Education), Daily Telegraph

"You will not read anything so sublimely felt and exquisitely written in a good many years" – Melik Kaylan,

"So bravely written, so clear and intensely vivid, so unsentimentally honest, so deeply humane" – Simon Schama, author of Citizens and Landscape and Memory

Advance praise for Say My Name:

"It is a ravishing love story, hot-blooded, poignant, often dark, filled with yearning, sharply funny, marvellously observed: and you follow Eve every step of the way. I wished it would go on and on and never stop.” — Joanna Lumley

“Allegra Huston is a fluid, intelligent storyteller, a writer of beautiful, sexy prose. I love her frankly gleeful portrayal of a woman following her own desires and instincts, wherever they lead, to unexpected and unplanned adventures. Say My Name is the Fear of Flying for the 21st century.” — Kate Christensen

Say My Name is a dazzling debut about a highly-charged and very sensual affair. Skilfully crafted, original and beautifully written, it is an engaging and erotic read. Loved it!” — Santa Montefiore

“Absolutely terrific: powerful, beautifully paced, controlled and assured. An extremely perceptive look into the female psyche.” — Elizabeth Buchan

“Intriguing, sexy and honest” — Joanna Briscoe

"A delicious novel: elegant, poignant, erotic." – Kate Beaufoy

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I believe that stories - both fiction and nonfiction - are vectors of deep human connection. When we read or watch movies, we recognize ourselves in the characters, and those characters in ourselves - as well as sharing the thoughts, and feeling the emotions, of people very different from ourselves.

I am drawn to stories of love, of discovery, and of commitment to a cause. I hope that the stories I tell will leave people with a sense of possibility and excitement about the beauties of life, even in dark times.